Dragon Slayers - All

Melinda Wise June 1995

Low, this morning, baby girl,
You and I shall slay the beast;
He won't be permantly dead,
But together, all the same,
We shall beat him at his game.

In spite of all you have to give,
Through your children
He won't live.

And no - your life is not in vain
Without a "CH" on your name;
Observe the Dragon we have slain!

Oh, he shall live and breath again
And plenty more shall feel his pain
Until - we form a mighty band
An army, forged by holding hands.

We must be dragon slayers all
That he might stay dead when he falls!

This morning, dear, we go alone
To kill the dragon in his home:
A place where others have gone before
And we will leave an open door,
And light the path which now we tread,
For though we win
He won't stay dead.

For Stormy, Monarch's Red Storm Rising, spayed 1/10/95, for mild hip dysplasia at 2.5 years old. I will miss the dreams of her puppies never to be.

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