The following article is NOT about typical mastiff temperments. It is, however, a discussion of just one potential temperment problem in mastiffs. As in all things, buyer beware. If you are a potential mastiff owner, it is your responsibility to check out the breeders you are working with. Their dogs should have favorable results from OFA and CERF tests. You should be able to meet the dogs in person and judge their temperments for yourself; broodiness or nervousness is NOT an excuse for poor temperment. It is preferable to work with a breeder who is also showing her dogs and has points on those dogs towards championships. Finally, it would be nice if the dogs had obedience or other titles.


I have removed the article on a faulty temperment in one (1), JUST ONE DOG, I REPEAT: JUST ONE DOG, because too many people took this to be an article on general mastiff temperment. It wasn't. It was about an anomoly. I thought it would serve as a warning to be careful in picking your puppy, but it seemed that it was taken as a statement about the breed.

Temperment problems appear in ALL breeds. It is your responsibility to research the temperment of the breeds that you are interested in having as a pet. It is your responsibility to check out the breeders and the dogs being bred.

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