SF Bay Area Garden Links

These links either feature bay area gardens or gardeners, or they are the gardening webpages of people I have "met" on ba.gardens
[] Master Gardeners of Santa Clara County
[] Robin's Eclectic Ramblings Robin has some nice information growing roses in Sillicon Valley.
[] The Bay Area Gardener
[] Gardening Haven
[] California Native Plants & Landscaping
[] Garden Web: California Forum
[] Yerba Buena Nursery
[] Camino Gardening Service provides the pennisula with a range of gardening services. Their music is kinda wild. :-)
[] Four Seasons Flower and Garden Center in the heart of downtown Oakland. I love Oakland. This is a hydroponics and indoor gardening store.
[] Planet Horticulture Be sure to check out the techniques link. It has some very good information on making plain concrete look ancient and mysterious. The photo gallery is sure to give you good ideas.
[] Breaking Ground Landscape Design In addition to being an ad for their services, BGLD's webpage includes tips on Composting At Home and Beautiful Planter Boxes
[] Las Pilitis Includes information on butterfly gardens and native landscapes.
[] Mediterranean Climate Gardening throughout the World (based in the Bay Area)
[] Regan Nursery They have an excellent rose selection.
[] Modesto Garden Club
California Rare Fruit Growers
CRFG San Joaquin Valley Chapter
CRFG Central Coast Chapter
[] California Poppy Project
[] Second Nature Horticulture Ezine For Eco-Friendly Gardens and Lifestyles: Gardening and Community Information, Gardening Products and Services, Serving The Diablo Region of California.
[] Climatological data for Northern California
[] LIVERMORE, CALIFORNIA, Period of Record Monthly Climate Summary
[] Chilling Accumulation
[] Drought Monitor It isn't specific to the Bay Area, but drought is almost always on the minds of Bay Area gardeners.


[] The Swedish Fuchsia Society's Homepage
[] American Rose Society
[] All American Rose Selections
[] Marvelicious Gardens
This page is very slow to load, but the flowers and roses are worth the wait.

Individual's Gardens

[] Renee & Menno's Garden
[] Joe & Mindy's Real Garden!!
[] Debbie's Garden Tour


[] Bamboo, A commercial page, but good info.
[] Lewis Bamboo Groves Bamboo Nursery with cold hardy bamboo for all landscaping projects. The question is: can they stand up to the desert sun?
[] Endangered Species Bamboo, Palms, Cycads, Sansevierias, Exotic Foliage
[] The New England Bamboo Company
[] Bamboo Sourcery This site has a very nice mail order list. A few of the items have links to images, but every item lists its maximum height, running/clumping, minimum temperature, light requirements, and availablity date.

Garden Links

[] City Gardening [] Gardening at Yahoo
[] LE RONFRENE En Francais, but you can puzzle out what they are saying with your long forgotten high school French.
[] Gardens - Oregon Online Highways. A list of public gardens in Oregon
[] Gardens - Washington Online Highways. A list of public gardens in Washington
[] Moutain Valley Growers They are an herb supplier. A few of the plants on their plant list have additional listings with great photos and information on growth habits, hardiness, drought tolerance, and such.
[] Two Wrinkly Gardeners Build Paradise In Tasmania Great Images!
[] An Agricultural/Gardening Index
[] Gardening in Houston
[] Seeds Unique flower seeds They have more than just flowers, too.
[] The International Palm Society
[] King Palms
[] Gardening at the Weather Channel
[] The COOL Tropics Set up a tropical paradise right in your own snow covered backyard.
[] ENABLING GARDEN RESOURCE CENTER A series of articles on different garden topics including tips for the disabled and elderly gardener.
[] Where It's At: A gardening links index.
[] San Gabriel Nursery Some nice pictures of their greenhouse and a gallery
[] Virtual Orchard Someday, I am going to live where I can have an orchard and the rest of my garden.
[] GardenGuides This is an extensive and well indexed site.
[] David Ross's Garden
[] Two Rainy Side Gardeners, edible landscaping and landscaping for wildlife.
[] Mark's Fruit Crops, an extensive site on fruit.
[] Territorial Seed Company
[] My Garden by a member and Past President of the Harris County (Texas)Master Gardener Association. This page is dedicated to he Master Gardener Program and the many Master Gardener Associations throughout the United States and Canada. It's cute and fun, too.
[] Garden Digest The Spirit of Gardening. This site is ... well ... spiritual, and there is information on gardening in Red Bluff, California.
[] Santol's Tropical Fruit Home Page
[] The Lavatera Page
[] Global Garden A free Australian gardening magazine with advice for gardners in California (a similar environment).
[] Backyard Gardener This page is still in the formation stage, but it looks like it will be a great resource.
[] American Clematis Society
[] Backyard Orchards It's great for the homeowner who wants her own orchard.

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