Enjoyed your homepage on ponds. I have a question. Did you use a liner in your livestock tank? If not, I was curious if this had an effect on the fish? If so, how much liner in you 6x5x3?


No liner. We have seen several ponds in metal livestock tanks with healthy fish. The pond guy at the nursery recommended livestock tanks for above ground tanks. We didn't even bother to find out if the plastic tank outgassed something harmful to fish. I think I figured that since it was ok for horses and cows, it would be ok for fish, a doubtful conclusion at best. However, it has been more than a year. Our fish have grown from dime (10 cents US) to 8 inch monsters.

Since we started with feeder goldfish, our fish investment was very low. Btw, we have lost a lot of fish, but that is in ALL of our ponds, and feeder goldfish have a very high mortality rate even in an aquarium. I just added 2 koi to the big pond. I think that since the goldfish have done so well, the koi should.

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