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Henrey's life is ruled by Dog Wisdom.
Henrey is now 20 months old (May, 1997). He's a good boy, very sweet and gentle, but he is also very powerful. He isn't going to be a large mastiff, for which I am grateful. But even at 150 pounds (68 kg), he is too big for me to use a choke or slip collar effectively. He just doesn't feel it, and I had to yank him so hard that I lifted him up off his front feet. (That is no small feat when your dog weighs 150 pounds!)

I have never used a prong or pinch collar before. They look like evil, medival instruments of torture, but the obedience instructer thought I should try it. Henrey wasn't feeling the choke, and the way I was yanking Henrey around, it (and I) could easily damage his throat.

I am now a converted prong collar user. Henrey responds much more quickly to the prongs than to a choke. If you are concerned about what it feels like to have a prong collar close about your neck, I suggest reading this.

If you really want to see the difference between a prong collar and a choke collar, put each one around your upper arm and jerk it as hard as you'd jerk a choke collar. The next day, examine your upper arm. You'll probably see some broken blood vessels from the choke collar and nothing from the prong. (Suggested by a shy-k9s member)

More prong collar info.

We lost Henrey to cancer in October of 2001. He was a wonderful dog, always eager to please, very gentle, and wonderfully sweet. We will miss him.

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