Raised Concrete Stream

building the form the form including overhang

We wanted the stream to extend over the pond, so Robert built a frame that made this possible. We stuffed the cinderblocks with crumpled newspaper before we started filling the frame with concrete. You can't see it in any of these photos, but the stream part is reinforced with rebar just like the foundation. I liked the look of the pebbles for a surface finish on the streambed. The only problem with these was that the algae grows all over them and is hard to remove. If I had a flat concrete streambed, it would be easier to scrape the algae off the flat surface.
pouring the concrete surface finish

Parts List
6 60 Lbs Bag Fibre Reinforced Concrete 4.50 per bag
8 feet 3/8 inch rebar 6.00 total
10 feet 1"X10" pine board 15.00
2 1"X4"X8' pine board 8.00
8 1 1/2 inch masonary screws 2.50
2 square feet Flexible Aluminum Flashing 2.50
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