Beats Per Minutes and Stepping

The revised Reebok guidelines were published in the July issue of Reebok Alliance News. The new guidelines are: (Hopefully this will format correctly)

Participant Level Platform Height Music Speed
Novice 4 inches 118-122 BPM
Beginner up to 6 inches 124 BPM
Intermediate up to 8 inches 126 BPM
Advanced up to 10 inches 128 BPM
Novice is someone who hasn't participated in a regular exercise class for some time. Beginner is a regular exerciser who hasn't done step training. Intermediate is a regular step trainer. Advanced is a regular and skilled step trainer.

The BPM is based on studies which looked at fatigue, maintaining proper movement technique and postural alignment, and other considerations mentioned in the article. These are recommended maximums. So, using an 8 inch step height and going above 128 would not appropriate for an advanced stepper.

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Last Modified: September 9, 1997