Teaching Aerobic Dance to the Hearing Impaired

Posted to misc.fitness.aerobic by Vic Mollett

I posted a couple of weeks ago concerning teaching a hearing impaired participant. Thanks to several responses and a lot of phone calls, I was put in touch with Dr. Gina Oliva of Gallaudet University. Dr. Oliva, who is hearing impaired, has come up with "The Art of Visual Cuing," which describes cues and visual techniques that work not only with hearing impaired participants, but with all participants! She has a booklet available which is $6(US) and a video which is $25(US). I have ordered both and will let you know how it goes. She also has a children's video available (I don't know about the content). Orders should be sent to:

Aerobics and Fitness Institute of the Deaf
Gallaudet University
800 Florida Avenue NE
Washington, D.C. 20002

Attn: Dr. Gina A. Oliva

Dr. Oliva can be contacted at gaoliva@gallua.gallaudet.edu

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