Jumping in Volleyball

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Matt Farmer wrote:
> What is the proper form for jumping you mention below.  I play a the odd
> game of volleyball and wouldn't mind improving my leap.
Hi Matt,

It's complicated.  There are basically two different jumps in volleyball:
one for blocking and one for hitting.

Hitting uses an approach.  For a right handed player the sequence of
a two step approach is:
	1) right foot steps forward, swing arms forward
	2) left foot steps forward, swing arms back
	3) right foot steps forward to same position as left foot
	4) gather for jump, swing arms forward
        5) jump, swing arms above head

Improper form includes: leaping instead of taking steps, not
gathering for your jump, and not jumping straight up in the air. 
You can take big steps, but not leaps.  They are all steps, especially
that last one.   Gathering is bending at the knees in preparation
to jump.  Use your arms to help throw yourself upwards.  Jump
STRAIGHT UP; jumping forward wastes energy.

Blocking:  I'm not so good at that.  Footwork is realy tricky,
especially for middle blockers.  The most important things here
are to plant and gather before jumping and to jump straight up.
Planting means you have both feet in place and still before you

Hmm, in blocking you move, stop moving, plant so you are facing
square to the net, gather, and jump (using arms as in the hit).

The biggest mistake is not jumping straight up.  Not only does
it waste energy, but you jump into the net, or the player next 
to you.  The flying leap to block is especially poor form because
more often than not you will block out of the court and throw
away the point.  

The outside hitter sets the block; the middle blocker moves to
the outside hitter and jumps with her.

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