Upflow Filter, Stream, and Waterfall

All ponds from the back porch

In March of 1997, we decided to expand our existing pond. We wanted to incorporate an upflow biological filter, a stream with waterfall, and a hidden waterfall from the large pond to the smaller one.

While we weren't having great problems with algae or fish health, our reading has indicated that the biological filters work better in terms of algae control and fish health than mechanical ones do. The other big driver was the desire to hear the sweet babble of a brook in our backyard. Finally, the waterfall(s) would add more oxygen to the water.

Large pond and stream from back fence In the few weeks that have passed since we started using the upflow filter and the stream, the water clarity has improved tremendously. In addition, our fish are much more active, but whether that is due to the cleaner water, to increased oxygen, or warmer temperatures, we don't know. The fish like the waterfalls. They congregate under them, like they are racing towards a prize.

Stream and tile In addition to the waterfall, we have a fountain. We must run the pump to the biological filter constantly (or the micro-organisms will die). We don't run the pump to the fountain very much any more. We'll see if we do during the summer, but it has become a static decorative feature.

The total project cost approximately $200, including expensive tile for a beautiful look and to hide the unsightly cinderblocks. However, we already had the 2 plastic livestock tanks and all of the stone that we stack around the tanks to hide the ugly plastic.

We hope the links to detailed descriptions and pictures of each of the steps involved in constructing the stream inspires you to build your own stream.

You can follow the buttons: [Before] for a guided tour of the construction process or use the Stream Table of Contents to leap around.

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