September: To Do

If you print out this page, you should get little boxes where the bullets are, making this a check list.

 Oh, and if you really think that I actually do all of these things, you are terribly confused. Sometimes I even (gasp) do things that aren't on this list.

 I can only guarrentee this list is accurate for the things that I grow. I do not grow every item on this list. This list is targetted to Sunset Zone 14, specifically, and I think it is good for all of USDA Zone 9. In addition, it is probably pretty accurate for USDA Zones 8-11, maybe even 7.

 What is September like? September is hot and dry because the fog penetrates into our valley less often. Today, it is over 100°F (38°C). I'm tired of it being hot, and, quite frankly, I can not bear to spend much time in my garden. Hopefully, later in the month, it will start to cool off.

General (or it never ends)

Trees and Shrubs


Lawns and Ground Covers




Container Gardens

Kitchen Garden: Vegetables and Herbs


House, greenhouse, or conservatory plants

Other: Structural and Special


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