Gardening in Sunset - zone 14 or USDA - zone 9

To Do Lists

To do lists list for gardeners in Sunset Zone 14, USDA Zone 9.
March, February updated for 2000, January, December updated for 1999, November, October, September, August, July, June,May, April
The list is probably good for gardeners in USDA Zones 8-11, maybe even 7, during the summer. The regions for which it is useful will narrow as winter approaches. The list is based on my gardening experience in my garden in a hot, region with an average of 14 inches of rain. under construction

This is an alternate Zone 9 to do list at this site .

Jennifer & Robert's Garden

Monthly images from our garden. So far, I only have February.

Chimeras in the garden!?! new September 2, 1999

Building a waterfall with an upflow filter and our * Pond Page

Take a look the front yard before and after. This page provides information on how Robert and I transformed a very plain garden with dense shade into a riot of color and texture. Updated March, 1999.

The backyard before and after Robert and I got started. under construction

Color in your garden. under construction

My favorite garden links

A review of Northern California Gardening by K. G. Endicott

A Gardener's 10 Commandments


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