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    Note: Pants can be switched with skirts. The print fabric contains the 2 basic colors.

    Basic Color 1 Indigo
    Basic Color 2 Gray
    Complementary Color 3 Pink
    Pattern(s) Fabrics
    2 pairs of Pants
    Burda Plus Magazine 404A, stretch fabric pants.
    Pants 1:Blue cotton/lycra twill
    2 Skirts
    Burda Plus Magazine 409, Pegged Knit Skirt

    Burda Plus Magazine 403B, Long Gored Skirt
    See my review
    solid fabric: blue cotton/lycra twill print fabric: polyester knit moleskin, blue with brown print

    My plan seems to be falling apart. I don't think these prints go together very well.

    2 Simple Tops
    New Look 6143
    See my review
    solid fabric Blue "tie-dye" burnout panne in New Look 6143
    4 Tops in colors that coordinate with the solids.
    Kwik Sew 2656

    See my review

    Burda Plus Magazine 406A, French Dart Tshirt

    See my review
    Fabric 1: blue tie-dye burnout panne, KS 2656 Fabric 2: a pink with blue flowers cotton-lycra knit.
    Kwik Sew 2656: I altered the pattern to make the sleeves bigger. I hadn't noticed with the panne, but the darts are too high. So that's the alteration for the next top.

    Burda Plus Magazine 406A, French Dart Tshirt:

    Fabric 3 Fabric 4


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