Aerobic Fitness

* The Exercise Video FAQ
* Over 700 patterns for your aerobic classes.
* Teaching aerobic dance to the hearing impaired.
* Warm-up & Cool-down: are they really necessary?
* Using hand weights while stepping
* Stepping: how fast is too fast?
* Stepping: what tempos are recommended for which fitness levels?
* I do aerobics; why should I do strength training?
* Does using handweights during aerobic exercise increase the aerobic intensity of the workout?
* How high should my step be?
* How can I preferentially burn fat?
* Will I burn more fat if I exercise in the morning on an empty stomach?

General Fitness

* How much exercise should I do? new
* Do I need a stress test?
* What are healthy bodyfat levels?
* The faq is available by anonymous ftp.
* Bill Whedon's Fitness Page
* The Internet's Fitness Resource Lots of links.
* American College of Sports Medicine
* The National Sports Medicine Institute of the UK: exercise physiology & fitness testing, sports nutrition.
* Fitness Zone Interactive Library
* Peak Performance Web Page
* Overtraining

Resistance Training

* The abdominal-training faq is maintained by Tim Mansfield.
* More Challenging Abs
* Bobbie's Bodacious Abs
* All about squats
* What's so bad about situps, anyway?
* What do you burn during anaerobic exercise?

Flexibility Training

* The stretching and flexibility faq is maintained by Brad Appleton and is also available by anonymous ftp.

Special Interest

* Masters Athlete Physiology & Performance
* Weight Training and Children
* Exercise during pregnancy updated
* Running on Full, running during pregnancy.
* Ow! My shins hurt
* Jumping in Volleyball


* What is the difference between calories from fat and calories from other sources?
* Nutrition Analysis Tool

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